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Greetings Folks – some quick notes that I took during a VMWare training course I attended today. It was ran by Heath Johnson of VMWare!

VMware Cloud Foundation Overview

“The foundation for your cloud”.

Common VMWare “headaches” – Multiple version, multiple platforms, mismatching privileges, hard to “find” time to patch.

Uptime means stability, but also means no patching was done.

Provides a standardized full stack architecture that is validated by VMWare for platform re-sellers. I.E. VMWare on AWS is the same technology and validation that you can run yourself:

Cloud Foundation Software Building Blocks… – Compute (vSphere), Storage(vSan), Network(NSX), Management (vRealize)

“Best fully automated method of deployment is still with external PSCs”

After the intro Heath went on to put on a few interesting demos:

  1. Setting up VMWare Cloud Foundations
  2. Scaling out existing workloads – Developers need more resources (vRealize)

3.Sales Rush is done, we don’t need all these hosts.. (Scale Down, Decom)

Pretty simple.. Deleting and removing. There re a few subtask that automatically ran via the SDCC.

4. Patching and Upgrading – “A new way to manage data center infrastructure”. Cloud foundation is setup to make sure there are no inter-dependencies when upgrading.

A VMWare Engineers dream come true.. automate patching.

All in all the training was useful and a great way to learn a little more about VMWare’s cloud offering(s).

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