PowerShell Script of the Week: June 1st 2015

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A new month.. How exciting.

This script was used inside my org to create a massive amount of groups which were already named and output to a  .CSV file. Thankfully we have powershell and didn’t have to do this by hand.

The original script had a few problems that I had to fix up, but I honestly forgot what they were. A ll credits to Hican Marius (@hicannl)PowerShell

AUTHOR : Marius / Hican – http://www.hican.nl – @hicannl
DATE : 08-08-2012
EDIT : 16-11-2012
CHANGES : Added functionality for duplicate OU names and
changed the input file slightly because of this
COMMENT : This script does a bulk creation of Groups in
Active Directory based on an input csv and the
Active Directory Module.

Import-Module ActiveDirectory
Import CSV
$csv = @()
$csv = Import-Csv -Path “C:\Temp\bulk_input.csv”
Get Domain Base
$searchbase = Get-ADDomain | ForEach { $_.DistinguishedName }
Loop through all items in the CSV
ForEach ($item In $csv)
Check if the OU exists
$check = [ADSI]::Exists(“LDAP://$($item.GroupLocation),$($searchbase)”)
If ($check -eq $True)
Check if the Group already exists
$exists = Get-ADGroup $item.GroupName
Write-Host “Group $($item.GroupName) alread exists! Group creation skipped!”
Create the group if it doesn’t exist
$create = New-ADGroup -Name $item.GroupName -GroupScope $item.GroupType -Path ($($item.GroupLocation)+”,”+$($searchbase))
Write-Host “Group $($item.GroupName) created!”
Write-Host “Target OU can’t be found! Group creation skipped!”
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