PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit and message box to user?

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A thread I felt needed to be brought back to life from 2016:

Question: I’m using PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit as a wrapper with applications I deploy with Configuration Manager. How  is Configuration Manager able to show messageboxes to logged on user when deploying applications with PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit? I’m wondering this because ConfigMgr agent is running in system contex and somehow messageboxes can be presented to logged on user from PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit? I have tried to use this same toolkit with another management solution that is also running in system contex and it’s not able to show any messageboxes to logged on user

My Answer:

Greetings DamonWH

This is how I call it using it when clients use Altiris’ Deployment Console. 

It uses PSExec and ServiceUI

Copy all files locally

C:\temp\ProductName\SupportFiles\PSexec.exe -si -accepteula C:\temp\ProductName\SupportFiles\ServiceUI.exe “C:\temp\ProductName\Deploy-Application.exe”

Let me know if this helps. 

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