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What are your thoughts on running a home lab? Question that popped into my head today when speaking to a hiring manager.. Would you evaluate someone who runs and maintains a home lab higher or lower than someone who doesn’t? Read more…


11 years of enterprise level technical support. I have a great track record of getting the job done. I am in love with everything related to technology. I’ve always been viewed as someone who is willing to take on new Read more…

PowerShell Script of the Week: July 20th 2015 – Edit Permission on multiple GPOs on your domain.

Simple Script that came in hand today: $GPOs = get-content C:\1\gpos.txtForeach ($GPO in $GPOs){Set-GPPermissions -Name $GPO -TargetName “Domain Admins” -TargetType Group -PermissionLevel GpoEdit} The “gpos.txt” located at C:\1\gpos.txt contains: Test-Lab-Win7 Building1Test-Lab-Win7 Building2Test-Lab-Win7 Building3Test-Lab-Win7 Building4Test-Lab-Win7 Building5