AWS Re:Invent 2019 Recap

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What was everyone’s thoughts on AWS Re:Invent that took place in Las Vegas, NV this year? Here are some of mine:

I thought there would be another avalanche of new services to learn and master, but instead we received a few that make sense, and reminders about what we already have available, and with explanations how to best use them.

Andy Jassy’s Keynote is the one with all the big announcements you’ve come to expect..
Watch here

But with the constant announcement of new and exciting services – will this cause customers, or potential customers, to be intimidated?

Me being someone who is more familiar with Azure it feels like people are picking whichever gives the most incentives. With all the cloud technologies there are out there – they’re becoming in unison with what they provide, and with prices changing everyday no one can tell me one is less expensive than the other..

And then we have the new comers to think about: Alibaba, Oracle, Rackspace etc..

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