11 years of enterprise level technical support. I have a great track record of getting the job done. I am in love with everything related to technology. I’ve always been viewed as someone who is willing to take on new projects and learn a new skill. I am an award Read more…

PowerShell Script of the Week: July 20th 2015 – Edit Permission on multiple GPOs on your domain.

Simple Script that came in hand today: $GPOs = get-content C:\1\gpos.txtForeach ($GPO in $GPOs){Set-GPPermissions -Name $GPO -TargetName “Domain Admins” -TargetType Group -PermissionLevel GpoEdit} The “gpos.txt” located at C:\1\gpos.txt contains: Test-Lab-Win7 Building1Test-Lab-Win7 Building2Test-Lab-Win7 Building3Test-Lab-Win7 Building4Test-Lab-Win7 Building5

PowerShell Script of the Week: June 1st 2015 – Detect who installed what software on Windows Server and send email with alert.

1) Configure Event Logs: Run eventvwr.msc → Windows Logs → Right-click “Application” log → Properties:Make sure the “Enable logging” check box is selectedIncrease the log size for at least 1gbSet retention method to “Overwrite events as needed” or “Archive the log when full”. 2) Creating an alert: To create an Read more…

coinbase – Referral

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